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The Project: 'The Triumph of Time and Truth'

'The Triumph of Time and Truth' represents a culturally and politically relevant work of European significance.
Dr. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, 1991.

A shot from the public presentation of the monograph 'The Triumph of Time and Truth' at the Prague Castle on 12 December 1991. Sitting at the table, Pavel Polka, author of the book.

Old House of the Capitular Provost at the Prague Castle (behind the monolith). On 12 December 1991 the public presentation of Pavel Polka's monograph 'The Triumph of Time and Truth' took place here.

The project was officially started by an International Appeal issued in October 1990. The sole aim of the project was the publication of a voluminous Handel monograph by Pavel Polka (b. 1957), entitled 'The Triumph of Time and Truth' (in Czech, 'Triumf času a pravdy'). As a result of the International Appeal, the Czech Handel Society was able to collect, relatively soon, the necessary funds, and published the book, in 2,352 copies, in as early as November 1991; the public presentation took place at the Prague Castle on 12 December 1991. Domestic production costs, amounting to 309,792.40 Czechoslovak crowns, were defrayed by donations from 27 foreign sponsors, the largest sum being paid to the print agent: 260,705.00 Czechoslovak crowns.

Suitable for the general reader, 'The Triumph of Time and Truth' deals with Handel's life, work and heritage. It consists of 26 parts and contains inter alia 162 foot-notes, period texts, music examples, the family tree, a selection from Handel's correspondence, anecdotes, chronological surveys, index of personal names, bibliography, and summaries in English, German and French.

The 326 pages of text are supplemented by 210 black-and-white illustrations which rank among the largest sets of their kind in the world. The photographic material was provided by 45 organizations and private owners. Many of the pictures are unique even on an international scale. Detailed information on the illustrations is given by commentaries included in the text.

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