A Comprehensive Survey of the Workshops of the Czech Handel Society

1st:19 April 2006 – ‘La Chasse’ – the Horn in Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries (Václav Luks).
2nd:8 November 2006 – Charles Burney (1726–1814) and His Musical Tours in 1770 and 1772 (Pavel Polka).
3rd:26 April 2007 – Canaletto in London: The Image of the British Capital in the Mid-18th Century (Pavel Polka).
4th:15 November 2007 – ‘My Honourable Lord and Father!’ London’s Late 18th-Century Music Life through the Eyes of the Bohemian Violinist Anthony Kammel (Michaela Freemanová).
5th:19 June 2008 – Testudo – the Lute in Renaissance and Baroque Music (Milan Černý).
6th:20 November 2008 – John Milton (1608–1674). A Portrait to Mark the 400th Anniversary of His Birth (Pavel Polka).
7th:18 November 2009 – European Clothing in the Lifetime of George Frideric Handel (Petr Tylínek).
8th:8 November 2010 – Imperial Kapellmeisters and Vice-Kapellmeisters at the Hapsburg Court of Vienna in the 17th Century (Radek Menoušek).
9th:18 April 2011 – Music at the Hapsburg Court of Vienna in the First Half of the 18th Century, with a Focus on the Imperial Kapellmeisters and Vice-Kapellmeisters (Radek Menoušek).
10th:23 November 2011 – Church Music at Baroque Duchcov (Dux). A New Knowledge of Music Culture in a Manorial Town in the 17th and 18th Centuries (Milan Černý).
11th:17 May 2012 – ‘Chill Penury Repress’d Their Noble Rage.’ Jan Ladislav Dusík (Dussek; 1760–1812) in His Homeland (Michaela Freemanová).
12th:7 November 2012 – Louis François Roubiliac (1702–1762) – ‘Personal Sculptor’ to George Frideric Handel (Pavel Polka).
13th:25 April 2013 – Music at the Court of Rudolph II of Hapsburg, King of Bohemia and Hungary, and Holy Roman Emperor (Radek Menoušek).
14th:27 November 2013 – George Frideric Handel (1685–1759) – the Famous Native of Halle-on-the-Sale (Pavel Polka).
15th:14 April 2014 – Court Composer to the Mighty Sun King, Louis XIV – Monsieur Jean-Baptiste de Lully (Radek Menoušek).
16th:27 November 2014 – William Hogarth (1697–1764). A Portrait to Mark the 250th Anniversary of His Death (Pavel Polka).
17th:3 October 2015 – Count Chotek’s Concerts with Music of George Frideric Handel at the Stately Home Nové Dvory, near Kutná Hora, in 1815. A Bicentennial (Pavel Polka); an all-day trip out of Prague.
18th:28 April 2016 – Imperial Court Kapellmeister Johann Joseph Fux (c.1660–1741) and His Ascent of the Artistic Parnassus (Radek Menoušek).
19th:23 and 25 November 2016 – There Is Handel on the Roof… (Pavel Polka).
20th:19 April 2017 – The Second Life of the Kralice Bible in the 18th Century and at the Beginning of the 19th Century – the Halle and Pressburg Editions (Jan Pišna).
21st:30 November 2017 – Church Music and Musicians at Duchcov (Dux; North Bohemia, Czech Republic) and in Close Vicinity in the Baroque Era (Milan Černý).
22nd:26 April 2018 – The Last Ruler of Tuscany from the House of Medici and George Frideric Handel (Pavel Polka, Jan F. Pavlíček).
23rd:14 October 2018 – The Text of the Kralice Bible and Its Story from the Beginnings until the Publication of the Halle Bible in 1722, 1745, and 1766 (Pavel Polka).
24th:24 April 2019 – Total Eclipse. The Last Years of George Frideric Handel (Pavel Polka).