Handel in Bronze on a Picture Postcard by the Czech Handel Society

On 12 November 2004 the Czech Handel Society published, in an edition of 3,000 copies, a laminated colour picture postcard in the size of 10.5 × 21.0 cm. The postcard captures, in three different positions, the bronze cast No. I/VII of a bust of George Frideric Handel (height: 66.5 cm) by the sculptor Petr Novák (b. 1957) from Jaroměř, Czech Republic. The bust was commissioned by the Czech Handel Society in 2001. The copy concerned was cast, on 8 July 2004, in the foundry workshop of Lubomír Němeček at Brázdim near Prague, Czech Republic. It forms a part of the Handel Collection of Walter Buholzer, Zurich, Switzerland.
The photographs of the bust are placed on a historical view of Spa and Hospital Kuks (Kuckus) near Dvůr Králové nad Labem in Bohemia, which was taken from a copperplate engraving by Christian Albrecht Wortmann (1680-1760), made in Dresden in 1727 or before.
The postcard was printed by Label Ltd, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. Production costs were defrayed by generous donations from Mr & Mrs Peter & Rosemary Brown, London (England), and Mr Mervyn Loft-Simson, Oxford (England).

Copies of the postcard can be purchased from the Czech Handel Society, at the following prices per copy: 1.00 EUR, 0.70 GBP, 1.30 USD, 1.70 AUD.