Stately home Kačina, near Kutná Hora, Czech Republic.

Ballet for the Kings

Dance performances at the courts of Emperors and Kings at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries

Theatre of the stately home Kačina, near Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Saturday 25 September 2004, at 5.00 pm

Collegium Marianum, Prague (leader: Jana Semerádová), on period instruments.
Costumière: Markéta Stormová.

A special coach will be dispatched from Prague, leaving from 'Na Florenci', close to the railway station 'Masarykovo nádraží' (underground station 'Náměstí Republiky'), at 2.00 pm.

Admission and coach tickets can be booked in advance at the address of the Friends of Baroque Culture (Baroccoco) in Mnichovo Hradiště: V Lipách 743, 295 01 Mnichovo Hradiště, Czech Republic; phone: +420-326773098 (daily, except Monday, 8.00 am - 4.00 pm); fax: +420-326772198; e-mail:

The reserved admission tickets will be available at the ticket office of the stately home Kačina 2 hours before the start of the performance. Due to the limited capacity of the theatre, advance booking is necessary.

Ticket prices: stalls - 250 Czech crowns, balcony - 300 Czech crowns. The ticket price includes a visit to the stately home at 4.00 pm.
Return ticket for the special coach Prague - Kačina: 200 Czech crowns.

The performance is organized by the Friends of Baroque Culture (Baroccoco), Mnichovo Hradiště, in collaboration with the Custodians of the Stately Home Kačina and the Czech Handel Society.

Financial support has kindly been provided by:

Krajský úřad Středočeského kraje
Městský úřad Mnichovo Hradiště
Josef Černý
Barbara Peacock
Marcela Soukalová
Ondřej Podzimek
Ivana Hatašová
Dagmar Kozderková
František Kozderka

Theatre of the stately home Kačina, near Kutná Hora, Czech Republic.

A shot from a ballet performance of the Collegium Marianum ensemble.