Aims of The Czech Handel Society

  1. Conditional on technical and other considerations, we will as widely as possible support both live and recorded performances of Handel's compositions on Czechoslovak territory. We attach particular importance to the pivotal works that are being for the greater part neglected in Czechoslovakia, namely the operas and the oratorios.
  2. On Czechoslovak territory we will, to the same extent, support Handel research, as well as publication activities, and sculpture and painting.
  3. Looking towards the future we envisage our own public programmes with recorded music, live concerts and specialized lectures.
  4. The Society shall keep under review and, simultaneously, contribute to a positive course of the Handel renaissance both in Czechoslovakia and abroad. In the outlined spirit it shall acquaint the culturally-minded public with Handel's life, work and heritage, emphasizing above all the universally acknowledged humanist and democratic values.
  5. We consider publishing our own periodical, eventually a miscellaneous volume (entitled probably 'Centimanus'), which should serve not only as a bulletin but also as a reliable source of Handelian knowledge.
  6. In relation to Handel we shall also from a wider viewpoint focus our attention on his contemporaries and, in general, on the artistic and historical events within the framework of baroque Europe.
  7. We will be paying particular attention to the direct and indirect connections between Handel's personality and work and the lands of Czechoslovakia. Besides Prague these locations are especially included: Brtnice (district Jihlava), Náměšť nad Oslavou (district Třebíč), Nové Dvory (district Kutná Hora), Zákupy (district Česká Lípa).
  8. We will continue our close collaboration with kindred foreign societies with which we have already been in contact. These are the organizations concerned: the international George Frideric Handel Society (Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gesellschaft) based in Halle an der Saale, the Göttingen Handel Society (Göttinger Händel-Gesellschaft e.V.), the Handel Society Karlsruhe (Händel-Gesellschaft Karlsruhe e.V.), the Handel Institute (Great Britain) and The American Handel Society (University of Maryland). At the same time we do not exclude future contacts with further foreign institutions.
  9. We will look into and discuss the possibility of forming a collective membership of our Society in the international George Frideric Handel Society based in Halle an der Saale.
  10. We will be encouraging as many of our members as possible to participate in foreign Handel festivals, courses and conferences. Czechoslovak economic conditions permitting, we will be undertaking our own thematic domestic as well as foreign excursions in search of Handel's life and work.

These aims were approved in Prague on 28th March, 1990 at the constituent session of The Czech Handel Society.